Best Animation and Graphics Design Courses in Kochi, Kerala

There is also a very heavy use of computer graphics in the design sector including in automotive design, consumer products, industrial design and interactive design.

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The world of animation and graphic design is a dynamic and ever-growing field that offers a wide range of career opportunities for those with creative and technical skills. The scope of animation and graphics design is vast and diverse, with new opportunities emerging in areas like gaming, film, advertising, and web design. The demand for skilled animators and graphic designers has increased exponentially over the years, as businesses and organizations have recognized the importance of visual communication in reaching and engaging their target audience. Animators and graphic designers use their skills to create visually appealing and informative content that can communicate complex ideas in a simple and concise manner.
DreamZone's School of Graphics and Animation offers the Best Animation and Graphics Design Courses in Kochi, Kerala. Our curriculum covers concepts and tools for graphic design, web design, 2D & 3D Modeling, animation, and post production functions. We begin with teaching good old drawing concepts and go on to cover the design fundamentals of colour theory, graphics, design elements, typography, scanning & colour correction, and printing.
And, if you take our animation programs, we start with conceptualization, sketching & story boarding before proceeding to the creation of stories using 3D/2D software in the advanced stages of set modeling, character modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, visual effects, and rendering.
Our faculty team comprises graduates in visual communication and arts with specialization in animation related software. The only criterion to enroll in our programs is interest - just basic education is good enough.
Our Curriculum & Product Development team, headed by product managers, interacts with the industry regularly, collect inputs, and update our curriculum and reference guides to improve the employability of our students. Group discussion forms the key part of our teaching. We give our students various creative designs inputs; ask them to analyses the concepts, and trigger the creative juice to flow by engaging them in innovative activities.


Anyone who is interested in creative design, can take up this course. Preferably upwards of 10th std students interested in creative field will be able to make a good learning and make a career out of this program. So there are no major prerequisites.


Upon completion of relevant courses, students can become graphic designers, web designers, game designers, animators, post production executives such as editors, compositors, and other top creative positions in the industry.


  • Graphic Designers
  • WebDesigners
  • Game Designers
  • Animators
  • Post Production Executives
  • Editors
  • Compositors

What our Students Said...

G.Ashlin Bermy

I’d completed B Tech in Fashion Technology and worked for a while. Though I did my major in Fashion Technology, I’m so happy that I’d taken this life changing decision of joining this course in Dream Zone.

Jesty Babu

Its completely a pleasure to study in Dreamzone as a fashion Designer.Its A good as my Family helping me with work and its the feeling in the world that working with the members in Dream Zone.

Serin p Rajan

After completing my BSc. I wanted to have a professional diploma course for making me self reliant on me. So I decided to join in DreamZone Institute for Fashion Designing. I can confidently tell that it is a good institute offering a proper programme in fashion designing with an intensive one year diploma course.


Being a part @Dreamzone-Fashion designing., I would definitely suggest it for the enthusiasts who are willing to gain knowledge in the field of Fashion Designing. Highly Recommended!!. They provided me a excellent platform to learn and gain enough knowledge in Fashion Designing.


Hi ,I'm Arunima... I'm doing fashion designing of the best place to learn fashion designing.The faculties Are very friendly & helpful..