Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design Graphix

They select and specify colors, finishes, fabrics, furniture, flooring and wall coverings, lighting, and other materials to create useful and stylish interiors for buildings.

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Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design Graphix

The course aims to provide a real understanding of students and graduates who are interested in learning the basics of Design software. Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design Graphic will focus on giving shape to the conceptual models. The design of space through 2D technical detail drawing & the 3D visualization of the design and presentation required to communicate to a client as well as execute the same visualized model.

Course Objective

The course aims to create designers with excellent visual communication skills while training them in graphical design, making visual models and presentation to be an expert in software proficiency in the interior design industry. The software's that are currently at the peak of interior design are cultivated among the students to help them execute technical detailing, 3D visualization, and presentation.

Course Curriculum

This course teaches the fundaments of necessary tools required for interior design making this course comprehensive for understanding the digital aspects for the students to be well grounded in the art of digitally designing spaces. The module consists of 2D technical detailing, 3D visualization and visual presentation for digitizing the designs.