There is also a very heavy use of computer graphics in the design sector including in automotive design, consumer products, industrial design and interactive design.

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Diploma in Character Modeling & Texturing

Course Overview

The course helps students explore their creative mind to carve out model characters with different personalities and traits in 3D space. These are brought to life with classic animation techniques using Computer Aided Design softwares. Students also gain a new perspective of 3D space and how various objects interactive with each other. These skills strengthens your chances of landing a career as game developers and animators.

Course Objective

This course simplifies the complexities in modeling and animation in 3D using specialised software. Providing the opportunity to students who wish to realise their dreams of becoming animators and game designers.

Course Curriculum

The course deals with the fundamentals and various processes involved in Character Modeling and Texturing. Also, students learn valuables techniques in creating facial expressions, emotions and rendering that really transform movies, taking them to a whole new level.